ShareWithU is constantly on the look for working with educational institutions and organizations of all levels. Our Partners can engage ShareWithU as an agent to recruit Chinese students and/or promote themselves through ShareWithU’s influential online and wireless platforms.

ShareWithU was founded in Philadelphia in the fall of 2009 by a group of young Chinese studying at top US business schools and previously immersed in the internet field who dreamed of shaping Chinese elite legacy. Realizing the importance of sharing for achieving success, its founders decided to name the company ShareWithU.

During its short history, ShareWithU has achieved what has taken traditional companies in the industry 10 years or longer to reach. Since 2010, of all applicants from mainland China who entered into Top20 MBA programs in US, 30% used ShareWithU’s platform. ShareWithU’s students have been accepted to top schools all over Europe and America, including Harvard, Yale, MIT, Pennsylvania, Oxford and Cambridge.

As an innovative internet service company with a unique vision on educational consulting, ShareWithU has caught the attention of the world’s top level investors. When ShareWithU’s founders were still in university in September 2010, they achieved 2,000,000 USD funds from BlueRun Ventures. In 2011, ShareWithU succeeded in 15,000,000 USD funds from Morningside, BlueRun and other top venture companies when many internet companies were struggling to get funding.

With its unique advantage in both the internet and human resources, ShareWithU is rapidly growing into a benchmark for Chinese education companies who combine the internet with international education.

ShareWithU Group consists of 2 divisions, a recruitment agency and a powerful on-line community

1. Elite Community Limited (      ShareWithU- Elite Community Limited is to Yunnan University International Education Services Ltd. Yunnan University International Education Services Ltd is recognized by the Ministry of Education, PR China and Ministry of Security, PR China, which is also the only official institution in Yunnan Province for overseas education consulting services (Registration No.〔2000〕139). Yunnan University International Education Services Ltd is specialized in professional consulting services for students studying abroad in countries all over the world including the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, European countries such as France, Holland and Germany, and Asian countries including Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. is an educational consulting agency specialized in providing an integrated overseas study service. The company is committed to providing students with the most comprehensive and professional service plan for studying overseas including: school and major selection consulting, language testing and training, visa application, career planning, and pre and post departure services. From high school to top universities, ShareWithU’s consultants can offer the best study plans for helping students achieve their international education goals.

2. ShareWithU Online Community (      ShareWithU Online Community is China’s largest and most useful online community for future and current overseas Chinese. It currently has over 120,000 active users and 700,000 registered users. The number is growing at a speed of 2,000 new users per day. It contains abundant practical information for studying abroad including information for language testing, universities, student application experiences, and online diagnostics. All information is provided for free to share with ShareWithU users and students.

Marvin Mao, Founder and CEO of ShareWithU

Marvin holds an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and both a M.Sc. in International Business and B.Sc. in Materials Engineering from Xi’an Jiaotong University. Marvin previously worked for the Development and Research Center in Civil Council of the PRC and as a business manager for In 2003, he co-founded PICA and made it the earliest supplier of client-sided software in the following 6 years. In 2010, PICA was purchased by ChinaSoft at approximately 100,000,000 USD.

Marvin initiated the idea of combining the internet, international education, and career development while he was pursuing his MBA at Wharton. In 2009, ShareWithU was finally founded by Marvin and his friends from other Ivy League schools.

Charles Zhang, Vice President of ShareWithU

Born in 1975, Charles has more than 10 years’ experience in overseas education and also holds the Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) Certificate. He has previously worked for EIC Group, one of the biggest overseas educational companies in China as a consultant for Australia and UK education, marketing manager, marketing director. He was the general manager of the overseas educational division in the company headquarters and branch offices in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing. Charles is highly experienced in the field of overseas educational policy and various study applications for many countries, especially US and Australia. In May 2013, he joined the ShareWithU executive team and is primarily in charge of the business development of ShareWithU - Elite Community Limited.

Remarks from the Vice President of ShareWithU

An old friend who has long been engaged in overseas education consulting in China once said to me that the service in this industry can either be very superficial or very in-depth. At ShareWithU, our team is committed to pursuing the best and most in-depth services for our clients.

First, we always provide the best-fit study abroad plans for our students.

Second, we can successfully facilitate students in their application and school placement with our strong background in the overseas and Chinese education systems.

Third, we can guarantee clients and their family’s interests through firm investigation of schools, internal training, and quality control.

Furthermore, we give practical instruction in program and professional choices through our systematic approach. Our higher success rate for school applications comes from the combination of our knowledge and understanding in many fields including psychology, economics and education.

Finally, while ensuring that the results of the applications and services maintain the highest quality, we also strive to keep exploring and making advancements to the services and business development of the overseas education industry.

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